Innovation, respect for the environment, reduced use of resources other than the raw material of origin, professionalism in response to new challenges and strong concern with our Clients, Suppliers and Workers are values that are part of the Estrada family and the whole company. Sofalca is therefore a company constantly concerned with social responsibility, as well as with innovation in order to provide the customer with the best product possible. Its pioneering character, the quality of its product and the attitude of its owners and employees, has given it an enormous visibility and credibility in the cork market. Since climate problems are an important issue in our days, it is essential to mention that Sofalca is concerned with teaching the world the qualities of the cork agglomerate in the isolation of homes or commercial spaces, as well as the importance of the Cork-Oak forest. In addition to partnerships with various private and public entities, every year, schools and universities visit the factory so that the next generations know about cork and increasingly value it.