At the end of the period of use, often imposed by the end of the lifecycle of the building or work, when it is feasible to collect the expanded cork agglomerate boards, these can be reused in identical applications, since material recovered from buildings with over 50 years have shown that, after that time, the appearance and the essential properties of cork agglomerate boards remain unchanged.

In the event that this is not possible, it is possible to grind it by obtaining a regranulate which, like clean regranulates, is destined for new applications in thermal and acoustic insulation or to be used as inert material for the manufacture of light concrete and mortars.


The production of the expanded cork agglomerate uses only superheated water vapor, produced by a steam boiler fueled with the grinding and finishing residues themselves, and no other products other than cork are being used. The agglomeration of the granules is made through the resins of the cork itself, making this product 100% natural and ecological.

The use of cork products is very important from the energy point of view, because in addition to the energy consumed at home, it is using a long-term renewable product, promoting the fixation / stabilization of Carbon Dioxide production.


When using cork in your home, you are protecting the planet, because in addition to being a 100% natural product, you are endorsing the product, instead of other materials that are more harmful to the environment and that do not have the same characteristics on an insulation level. When using the cork agglomerate, you are making a statement, as a human being concerned about the environment and who wishes the best of the best for the insulation of your home or commercial space.