For several years in the market, always with cork as raw material for the creation of its products, Sofalca works every day to develop processes of innovation in its business areas. Our products are tested and comply with all the certification processes, we are a sustainable company whose main objective is the creation of natural and ecological solutions for the market, providing awareness to all the qualities of the expanded cork agglomerate.

The production process of Sofalca is sustainable, being energetically self-sufficient in 95% of its needs, by the use of its own biomass (cork powder).

More than a company, we are a sustainable concept and are primarily concerned with the environment and the creation of solutions to facilitate the day-by-day of our customers and future generations, making a highly sustainable product known. Sofalca complies with all environmental standards, including as a company certified as a cork recycler.

The expansion of the business to different areas is an objective that Sofalca has been developing throughout its growth as a production company. The Blackcork furniture, Corkwave and Gencork wall covering brands have been gaining notoriety, due to the customer's desire for good insulation, but also a pleasant decoration to the eye and with an environmental concern. We want to be the best, constantly innovating, and we are ready to answer to all of the challenges made by by Architects, Engineers, Designers, Builders and Owners.

With the recent acquisition of new equipment (CNC`s, Saws and computer equipment), we are ready to receive the challenges of our Clients and to give forms / shapes to this product, so sustainable and appetizing, never before imagined. The construction of Isocor and Sofalca exhibition spaces at fairs, such as the Maison & Objet in Paris, Tektónica, the Lisbon Design Show, the Salone del Mobile in Milan, entirely in expanded cork agglomerate and the various auditoriums built with blocks of Agglomerated cork, in partnerships with various entities, show the general public the excellent production capacities and give the product unique characteristics that awaken the senses - smell, touch, vision / sight and memory of the image of the cork that each person has.

Other examples of the differentiated use of this product, that Sofalca has been able to apply, are the partnerships with Carristur for Electri'cork, Art Institute for Prazeres 28 Cable Car and artist Joana Vasconcelos for Trafaria Praia.