From a name comes a concept, from a concept, products are born and from new products, solutions are born and from falca was born Sofalca, a 95% self-sustaining company, pioneer and dedicated to the creation of natural and ecological solutions in order to facilitate the day-by-day of ours customers.

We innovate constantly, working for a promising future.


Year of the first permission / license for the cork activity / business created by Ernesto Lourenço Estrada, grandfather of the current owners. At that date, he already had his own business, but it was the beginning of the relationship between the Estrada family and Cork.


Sofalca was born, by the hand of Ernesto, Mário and João Estrada, father and uncles of the current owners, being now part of Estrada Group. It was the year in which the fiftieth anniversary of Abrantes, as a City, was celebrated and the Industrial Conditioning Law was in place, which only allowed the opening of new industrial units with the authorization of the Government.
The Government only authorized the creation of Sofalca if there were farmers associated with the company's capital. This was done, and several entrepreneurs and farmers of Abrantes were associated with this objective.
The inauguration of the Factory was integrated in the official commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the City.
The factory was implemented in Abrantes, because it was near to the cork oak forest, in the middle of the raw material, which ended up saving resources in terms of collection and transportation, as well as to take advantage of the long tradition and the ''Know-how'' of working cork.
Sofalca introduced a horizontal cutting system as soon as the production started, whereas the usual in this industry was the vertical sawing, which allowed a greater precision in the measurements of the agglomerate boards.


As a result of the crisis that triggered the climb of price of oil products, Sofalca was once again a pioneer by installing the first mixed boiler plant in the cork sector, in Portugal, which resulted in a saving of resources and the first steps towards an optimum energy sustainability. This boiler provided the replacement of naphtha, as fuel, by biomass, by recycling an existing waste, the "cork powder". It was the same philosophy that guided it from the beginning: value regional products, save resources and achieve a management with economic and environmental costs reduction.


The Portuguese producers of expanded cork agglomerate united, creating ISOCOR ACE, to enable a better marketing of their brands in the world market. Sofalca has been a supplier of ISOCOR since its foundation. ISOCOR seeks to develop and market the products developed by the companies that make up the group, constantly looking for innovation and the creation of new product lines.


With the increasing scarcity of raw materials, Sofalca developed cork extraction machines , thus gaining greater certainty of obtaining the raw material in the future, given the difficulty of extraction.


Today, 85% of the products produced by Sofalca are destined for exportation. France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Germany, UK, Italy, Japan and China are the main markets, to where the products manufactured by Sofalca are exported. The quality of our company's ecological matrix products and the exceptional qualities of the cork agglomerate are quite appreciated in Portugal and in these sophisticated international markets. Currently, Sofalca continues with the main focus on insulation, but increasingly the design / decoration are markets that have opened new doors for the future. In 2014, the Blackcork furniture brand was created with the creative direction of Designer Toni Grilo and, in 2015, Gencork was born in partnership with Digitalab, a brand that has already won international awards, such as the Green Product Award 2016, Les Decouvertes Awards in Maison et Objet in Paris 2016 and the German Design Award 2017.